Tanya’s Story

“As a mother, it makes me feel great knowing that my kids love it here. This is their home.”


Today, life for Tanya and her two daughters is peaceful, safe, and stable.  But Tanya still remembers when life was a lot harder.  Just a couple of years ago she was starting to lose hope and was discouraged because of her family’s living situation.

“There was a lot of flooding in the basement, which created mold,” Tanya remembers. “Over time, the mold just kept building up. It was very stressful – it was not very healthy for me or my children.”

In addition to worrying about her family’s health on the inside of their rental, there were dangers lurking outside as well. “There was a man that lived close by who was drunk a lot.  He constantly walked up and down the street and would try to talk to my kids.  It was very uncomfortable.

“Tanya started to feel helpless and was losing hope. “I wanted more for us… I felt like Destiny and Baylee deserved a good home”

That’s when Tanya first learned about Habitat for Humanity, and her outlook on her family’s future changed. Tanya worked hard to build and purchase her own home, and their family was able to move in just before Christmas in 2015.

“Our life is so much more stable now,” exclaims Tanya. “We sleep better at night. We laugh more. We play more.”

Destiny and Baylee were impressed with all of Tanya’s hard work and determination to help build their home, and would watch their mom build each week through the construction fence.  Now that Destiny is 16 years old, she’s started volunteering to help build other family’s Habitat homes.

“The kids are going well in school… their future looks very bright,” Tanya shares. “We love it here! There’s a brighter future for all of us.”