Future Homeowner Ashley

For Ashley, homeownership with Habitat represents a step toward hope. 

When Ashley and her six-year-old twins move into their new Habitat home, it will signify several major milestones in the life of their family.  

 “This house represents hope. And it represents freedom,” shares Ashley. “We have come from a very difficult place, and this is an incredible milestone for us.”  

 Ashley’s journey to homeownership has been a long road, and has involved many partners and supporters who helped her and her kids through hard times. Many years ago, she left an abusive relationship to protect herself and her boys, and then began a journey to find stability again.  

She and her two young sons moved to transitional housing with Joshua Station, an affordable rental organization in Denver. Once she was on her feet again, she started college, and graduated magna cum laude in 2022. She is now a child welfare advocate and is working on her master’s degree in counseling. 

Before starting the homeownership process with Habitat, Ashley and her two sons lived in an old house with erratic heating. She often had to boil water for baths. Although the house helped her get back on her feet, she was thrilled to learn that Habitat’s program was accessible for her.   

“We’ll have some stability for the first time,” said Ashley. “I’ve earned everything we have and that’s what the house stands for – success.” 

Ashley is finishing her hours of sweat equity required in her partnership with Habitat. One of her proudest memories was hammering nails while standing atop a ladder in 30-degree winter weather, alongside other Habitat volunteers and staff. “The sweat equity work is a cool part of the process. I have enjoyed working on affordable homes for people like me,” shares Ashley.  

Her boys are looking forward to having their own rooms with their own decorations. The Denver Zoo, the Museum of Nature and Science, a park and a recreation center are all near to their new home, and Ashley is excited to explore with her twins.   

In the last few years alone, Ashley has finished her college degree, studied for a graduate degree, and purchased a home of her own. In it all, Ashley hopes to teach her boys the value of hard work and perseverance. 

 “When we move in, it will be a new beginning,” shares Ashley. “Many partners and programs helped us get where we are today. But now, I can buy a home and create a stable place for years to come. Our whole journey has been an inspiration to a lot of people.” 

“This house represents hope. And it represents freedom,” said Ashley.