Future Homeowners Victoria and Josh

For this young family, more space will also bring more memories, play, and connection.

Purchasing a four bedroom home with Habitat Metro Denver will be life changing for Josh, Victoria and their two kids, ages 3 and 4.

Last year, Josh and Victoria were priced out of their 1,900-sq. ft. rental home when the rent jumped from $1,700 a month to $2,700. They moved into a 700-sq. ft. apartment on the border between Lakewood and Wheat Ridge.

“We don’t feel safe where we live now. Our apartment is on a busy street, so our kids can’t play outside. There’s no yard for the dog,” shares Victoria. “Once we buy our new home, we’ll have two parks, a dog park nearby, and our own backyard.”

“The yard is where my son and I can have quality time together again,’’ shares Josh. “We like looking for rocks and bugs. I felt closer to him when we had a back yard.”

Josh works in equipment maintenance at a canning plant. Victoria is a stay-at-home mom who writes about personal development and spiritual growth. She was looking online for a larger place to rent and learned about Habitat for Humanity. They applied and were accepted.

The couple is completing 100 hours of sweat equity as part of Habitat’s homeownership program. “We’ve really enjoyed it,’’ shares Victoria who worked on landscaping and painted siding at Habitat Metro Denver’s Miller Homes community, where the family will buy their home. Victoria also worked at the Habitat ReStore in Arvada. “It was fun to see how funds are generated for Habitat.”

“The yard is where my son and I can have quality time together again,” says Josh.

“Working on the homes is really fulfilling,” shares Josh, who helped lay sub-floors at Habitat’s Mountain View Community in Aurora. “It is a feel-good thing. It is for a good cause. Everyone is very friendly. I plan to keep on volunteering after we move in.”

Victoria and Josh have also finished all of the required classes in the homeownership program, which helped them feel prepared to finalize the homebuying process. “The classes were chocked full of good information,” shares Josh. “The class on being a good neighbor was the way we were both raised – do onto others as you would have them do unto you, lookout for each other and lend a helping hand,” shares Victoria.

Victoria is looking forward to having enough storage space in their new home and hanging family pictures. The family has been using a coffee table for meals recently, so she’s also looking forward to having family and friends over for dinner at a real table. “We are really grateful. We feel like we hit the lottery,” shares Josh.