Future Homeowner Emma

For Emma, having a home that is entirely her own fills her with excitement and anticipation for the future.

Emma Habitat Homeowner

Emma’s birthday is in the summer, and she’ll celebrate by moving into a new three bedroom Habitat for Humanity house in the Villa Park Homes development in Denver. 

“It’s going to be kind of like a birthday present,” shares Emma, who has been living in her grandmother’s basement for a year. “It will allow me to start a new chapter of my life. I won’t have to worry about moving or finding roommates.’’  

Emma, a funeral home director, grew up in the Denver area and moved out of her 380-sq. ft. studio apartment in Superior when the rent jumped from $1,500 a month to $1,800 a month. The previous $1,500 rate consumed over half of her salary. Her grandmother is 87 and needed extra help, but she plans to sell her house in Lakewood and move to senior housing when Emma moves out. 

 “When I move in to my home, I’ll feel relieved that I have a long term plan,’’ shares Emma. “It’s worked out well living with my grandmother, but it is hard not having any sunlight in my living space.” 

Emma considered finding another job that pays more, but she enjoys serving the community by helping families with their grief. She supplements her income by dog- and house sitting.   “I love my job as a funeral director,” shares Emma. “I’d been looking at what it would take to buy a house and it was discouraging.” She came across an ad for the Habitat homes at Villa Park and she met the requirements. 

She was excited about the required 100 hours of sweat equity and the classes in home ownership because she’d learn how to take care of her new home. 

“Doing the sweat equity has been an incredible experience – especially to see the volunteers out there snow or shine,” shares Emma who has helped build her own home. “I’ve learned a lot about power tools. The handsaw was intimidating at first, but I got plenty of help.” 

 In Habitat’s homeownership class on being a good neighbor, she learned about the best ways to handle disputes. In another class, she learned what homeowners insurance covers and how to complete an estate plan. When she moves in, she plans to use one of the bedrooms as an office and the other as a guest bedroom. 

 “Moving in will drastically change my future,” shares Emma. “I’m very impressed by the Habitat volunteers and the organization. I would love continue volunteering because I am so grateful for this opportunity, and the volunteers are so wonderful.” 

“I’ll feel relieved that I have a long term plan,” said Emma.