Future Homeowners Kaleb and Liz

A new home and a baby brother are arriving in the same month


Kaleb and Liz have many reasons they’re looking forward to moving into their three-bedroom Habitat for Humanity town home in the Clara Brown Commons, including extra room for their third son who is due the same month they will move in.  

The couple and their two sons, ages 1 and 3, currently live in a two-bedroom apartment in Arvada. The only window in the living area faces north, limiting the natural light in their home. The water is turned off for hours every other week for emergency repairs, shares Kaleb. They also share three washers and three dryers with more than a dozen other tenants.  

 “It’s so dark and we feel so cooped up,’’ shares Liz, who grew up in Wheat Ridge. The couple met in Los Alamos, N.M. and moved to Denver seven years ago. Liz is a stay-at-home mom and Kaleb is a technician for a telecom company.  

Since moving back to Denver, they’ve moved several times as their family grew. In their current apartment, the radiators are old and the room temperature never got above 65 degrees during the January cold snap. And, they were dreading another rent increase from the current $1,600 a month. 

They recently visited their new two-story Habitat home for the first time and were delighted. “It was awesome. There were windows with views,” shares Liz. “It was great because there is a park across the street. And there’s a washer and dryer.” 

“One of the things that will be nice is not being at the mercy of your landlord raising the rent or kicking you out,” shares Kaleb. “It will give us a sense of security.” 

Kaleb learned about Habitat for Humanity from a co-worker. He is completing his 100 hours of sweat equity by working with the Habitat production shop to prepare wood for builds and painting doors and siding. He has also enjoyed Habitat’s homeownership classes to prepare him for home ownership. 

“I liked the managing money class best,” shares Kaleb. “There was a lot of good information about investing and credit.” 

When the family visited their new home, their 3-year-old son was excited about the stairs and having a second floor, shares Liz. “Having our own place and not throwing our money away every month on rent is exciting.” 

“Habitat is really caring,’’ shares Kaleb. “They’ve been really nice and I’m grateful for all the help they are giving us.” It will give us a sense of security. 

“It will give us a sense of security,” shares Kaleb.