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Home Repair

Thank you for your interest in home repair with Habitat!

While we are best known for building new homes, we also partner with existing homeowners on essential home repair projects so they can live safely and affordably in their homes for years to come.

Habitat Metro Denver offers external home repair in Metro Denver neighborhoods. These home repair projects can include a new roof, new siding and paint, porch repairs and energy efficiency projects such as new doors and windows. Partnering homeowners only pay about 5 to 10% of the cost of the repairs.

Habitat Metro Denver also offers an aging-in-place program where we partner with homeowners aged 65+ on interior home modifications, like safety bars, improved lighting and floor repairs.

Exterior Home Repair

We partner with existing homeowners across Denver to conduct home repairs at about 10% of the cost.


We partner with homeowners aged 65+ to perform home modifications to help them live safely and comfortably.