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Learn what we take - and how you can get it to us.

We accept items for drop off at all of our ReStore locations, or you can schedule a pickup through one of our pickup services. Your donations help fund Habitat’s mission of building and preserving affordable homes in our city. Thank you!

Drop Off Your Donation

Donation Dock Hours:

Tues – Sun | 10 am – 5:30 pm

We accept donations at all of our Metro Denver-area locations.

Schedule a donation Pickup

Our pickup service is currently available on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Please see our list of acceptable items for donation at the bottom of this page and feel free to click the link below to schedule your pickup online. If you are having any issues with our online service please call 303-421-5300 to see when we’ll be in your area, or schedule your pickup online. For standard pickup, we can usually pick up your donation in 2-3 business days!


Free Pickup Service

We offer free residential donation pickups for of at least two larger items that do not fit in the back of a standard SUV or pickup truck.  A few exceptions could be made for individual large items. We can only consider items that fit our donation guidelines. (*some items may include a recycling fee)

Priority Pickup Service

Your items are picked up for a fee. A crew will pick up your items from any floor of your residence, and may offer item disassembly. Pick up fee is much smaller than a usual junk hauler fee.

Pickup Zone

See if Habitat Metro Denver picks up donations in your area

Need Help With Your Donation?

For comments or questions about your donation, please call 303-421-5300, or email our team.

What We Can Take

Please note that the list below is for donation items dropped off at a ReStore location. Items eligible for pick up may differ slightly. All dropped off donation items must be approved by the store staff at our donation docks. Thank you!

Cooktops, Stoves, Ovens, Dishwashers, Dryers, Microwaves, Refrigerators, Washers

  •   Must be in full working order and clean.

Note: To offset costs we incur for recycling metals including items containing Freon—we will charge a $20 handling fee for each donated appliance, working or not, that may contain Freon.

Must be in good, resalable condition (no rips, stains, pet hair, or floral/paisley patterns)

  • Furniture must be fully assembled or brand new in a box.

  • No office furniture. *Household desks 4’ across or smaller and bookcases excepted.

  • No baby furniture

  • Bed Frames must have headboard, footboard, side rails, and hardware. No Ikea bed frames or waterbed frames.

  • Must be new and bagged.

Lamps, Chandeliers, Ceiling Fans

  • No fluorescent fixtures, and no track lighting
  • No lightbulbs of any kind
  • No used electrical components including connectors, fuses, junction boxes, etc.
  • Mirrors must be framed.
  • Minimum of 1 bundle in original packaging only

Hand tools, power tools, bench tools

  • Must be complete, in good condition and in full working order
  • Please verify with stores directly for any especially large tools
  • Ladders must be metal/aluminum (no wood)

Cabinet Sets, Single Cabinets, Vanities

  • Cabinets must be complete with all doors and drawers attached, with no nails or screws sticking out. We do not accept individual cabinet parts (e.g. doors, drawers).
  • If cabinets are painted, they must must be factory-quality paint or primed.

Tile, Carpet, Rugs, Hardwood, Laminate, Vinyl, Granite, Marble  

  • All flooring: MUST BE NEW, in original packaging only.  Minimum donation is 100 sq ft. The only exception is tile smaller than 12”x12” which can be 50 sq ft. or more.  
  • Carpeting and area rugs: must be NEW, never installed.

AC, Furnaces, Hot Water Heaters, Swamp Coolers, Fans

  • Furnaces, ACs, and hot water heaters must be in good working order. 
  • No  Ductwork

Note: To offset costs we incur for recycling metals, including items containing Freon, we charge a $20 handling fee for each donated appliance, working or not, that may contain Freon.

Brick, Stone, Cinderblock, Lawn-care Tools, Slate, Cultured Stone, Fencing 

  • Bricks, stone, and cinder block must be palletized for pick up
  • Must be clean of mortar
  • No used wood Fencing accepted 
  • No used irrigation parts
  • Minimum of 6’ long with no nails or paint.

Bathtubs, Sinks, Faucets, Toilets, Bathroom Accessories, Shower Pans

  • Spotless/like new toilets must be 1.6 GPF or less. Must be complete and assembled with no wax ring. No used unattached toilet seats.
  • Bathtubs must be standard size (30”x60”) and metal only (no fiberglass). Can be jetted/jacuzzi if standard size.
  • No cast iron tubs or kitchen sinks
  • Minimum ½ sheet (4’x4’).
  • No flat panel doors, shower doors, mirrored closet doors, or oversized doors (standard size is 80” tall)
  • If painted, must be factory-painted/factory-quality paint/primed
  • Patio/Sliding Glass doors must be vinyl clad only.
  • Windows must be vinyl, double-pane, and under 6’x6’ (36 sq ft.) in size. Windows must be clean and intact (inserts in frame, etc.)

We Can't Take:

  • Blinds
  • Books
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Cement roof tiles
  • Clothing
  • Countertops
  • Entertainment centers
  • Exercise equipment
  • Futons/sleeper sofas
  • Garage doors or garage door openers
  • Hazardous materials (chemicals, grout, mortar, etc.)
  • Linens & soft goods
  • Mattresses and box springs
  • Metal filing cabinets
  • Outdoor play equipment (all)
  • Pianos/organs
  • Radial arm saws
  • Shutters
  • Sub zero (counter depth/top compressor) refrigerators
  • Soft goods
  • Toys
  • TVs and electronics
  • Two-piece china hutches
  • Unframed glass/mirrors
  • Used wood fencing
  • Water softeners

Donation FAQ

Material donations are not used in Habitat-built homes. Instead, our ReStores sell them at a discount to the public. 

The ReStores generate a valuable revenue stream that enables Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver to build more decent, affordable housing for hardworking, low-income families. Your donation not only helps support the construction of Habitat homes – it also helps reduce the costs of home improvement for other homeowners across metro Denver.

Due to the time, space, cost, and safety concerns associated with handling these materials, we are unable to accept non-working appliances, used batteries, electronics, florescent lighting, mattresses, or paint. Please check with your local recycling centers or call your local ReStore for a referral. THANK YOU for helping us divert hazardous materials from the landfill!

Please note: We charge a $20 handling fee for each donated appliance, working or non-working, that may contain Freon. This fee helps offset costs we incur for recycling metals, including items containing Freon. We appreciate your understanding.

If you use the priority pickup service through ReSupplyMe, they can come inside your home to pick up donations. If you choose to have your items picked up through the ReStore’s regular pickup service, we cannot enter your home. Our insurance policy prevents our staff and volunteers from entering houses for the purpose of picking up material donations. Please leave your donations outside or in a garage area for pickup.

No – all donation pickups in Metro Denver are free when scheduled online! Click here to see if your home is in our pickup range.  If you need to schedule your pick up over the phone, there is a $25 service charge to help us cover staff costs. 

For a standard pickup, we will be able to pick up your donation in 2-3 business days. Our regular ReStore pickup service runs Tuesday through Saturday. For our partnership service through ReSupplyMe, pickups are usually available within 48 hours. 

Our drivers will provide you with the necessary paperwork when they come to pick up your donation. If you are unable to be present for your pickup, please let us know in advance an appropriate place to put the receipt at the pickup location. Legally, Habitat cannot appraise your donation(s), so all donors must fill out an estimated value for their donation(s) on the receipt. Please keep in mind that you are required by law to fill out IRS Form 8283 for any donation you value at $500 or more. If your donation’s value exceeds $5,000, you must obtain a qualified appraisal and complete Section B of Form 8283, then attach both to your tax return.

Freon Disposal Fee

To offset costs we incur for recycling metals including items containing Freon, we charge a $20 handling fee for each donated appliance, working or not, that may contain Freon.

We appreciate your understanding and support of our ReStores!

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