Donation Pickup

Schedule a pick up with us

Just read the information below regarding our fees and conditions, enter your information and hit submit and you’ll be taken to a page to confirm if your zip code is in our pick up area.

All residential donation pickups for Metro Denver Habitat ReStores are free. 

If you’d like, you can make a donation to help us cover the costs associated with our donation-pickup services. 

Due to the cost and time associated with processing and recycling certain items, we charge a small fee on some items. This allows us to make it financially viable for us to take as many donations as possible for you. Fees apply to the below items.

  • Televisions – $35*
  • CRT Monitors and TVs – $50
  • All other electronics – $5 per item
  • Shutters – $5 per shutter
  • Aluminum ladders – no charge
  • Wooden ladders – $10 per ladder
  • Metal Filing Cabinets – $10

Additionally, we charge a $20 handling fee for each donated appliance that contains Freon to offset costs we incur for recycling metals, including items containing Freon.