Meet Future Homeowner: Stephanie

Stephanie and her 10-year old son have moved 12 times in the past decade. They are ready to finally unpack their boxes and find their sanctuary where they can feel at home. Stephanie is thrilled to be partnering with Habitat for Humanity this year to buy her forever home.

“It will be a breath of fresh air to be able to have our own space,” Stephanie shares. “And it’s going to mean everything to my son.”

Stephanie was born and raised in Denver and loves living in a community where she has a wide support network of family and friends. Stephanie has previously explored purchasing a home for herself and her son, but faced too many barriers. The biggest hurdle was finding a home that was affordable in Denver’s expensive housing market. Stephanie works full time at a framing shop, yet housing prices in recent years have gotten farther out of reach. Stephanie all but gave up on becoming a homeowner before looking into Habitat’s program.

Stephanie’s situation hit a low last year during what she referred to as a “tough summer”, when she and her son witnessed drunk people, gun shots, broken glass and lots of police activity just outside their front door.

“We don’t feel safe there,” Stephanie shares. “We need somewhere more stable and permanent.”

Stephanie can’t wait for life to become simpler and less stressful once she becomes a Habitat homeowner. She’s looking forward to the days when she can start planning fun activities like camping and paddleboarding and no longer worry about finding a better place to live.

“It will be so nice to unpack and focus on things other than just surviving,” she shares. “It will be life changing for us.”

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