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Miracle Workers

Miracle Workers has now merged with Holy Hammers, making them one coalition of ELCA congregations across Metro Denver.

faith Partners

Miracle Workers

Started in 2011, Miracle Workers is a faith-based coalition of seven Lutheran churches in the west Denver metro area. They partner with Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver to build homes, raise funds, and raise awareness about the need for safe, decent, affordable housing in our community. Since 2011, Miracle Workers’ efforts on both volunteering and financial contributions have helped build and sponsor many homes.

Building Rose's Home

After sponsoring and helping to build her new home, the Miracle Workers were proud to hand the keys to Rose, a single mom of two daughters.

The home, in Habitat Denver’s Sheridan Square development, marked a meaningful, positive change for Rose and her family. Rose was overjoyed that her two daughters finally had a place they could truly call their own.

“I have stability for my children and we are more financially secure,” wrote Rose, who said both achievements satisfied a lifelong goal. She also was thrilled to volunteer with Habitat and the Miracle Workers —something all future-Habitat homeowners commit to before moving into their homes.

Thank you to the Miracle Workers for helping Rose and her daughters!


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This dedicated group is made up of 7 Lutheran congregations in the Denver Metro area. 

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