Sarah & Manuel


“We have had pumpkin carving parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas and family birthdays in our home… but frankly our favorite moments have just been enjoying a day of light housework with our music playing and having a dance party together. The day-to-day pleasures of being homeowners can’t be measured.

“I think the pandemic has made it obvious how important a long term, stable and safe home is. We are incredibly lucky that we haven’t had to live through this in our old unsafe and crowded apartment. We had peace during lock down with puzzles and enjoyed sharing messages of hope with sidewalk chalk in our front yard.

“Our ability to advance our child’s station in life has been a lot more tangible now that we own our home.”

She plans to attend college at DU which is incredibly close to us. The joy of being able to give her everything Manuel and I didn’t have has been made possible with homeownership. Here, she has the space and flexibility to be happy and well adjusted. She is a straight A student who can spread out to work on a school project, paint, or have a friend over.

“Our home has literally been a lifesaver… our lives are less stressful and more fulfilling because of our partnership with Habitat”

Recently, Manuel accepted a promotion at a school near our house, and we were able to take our first family vacation in four years! –Sarah