Samantha & Darren

One year ago, Samantha, Darren and their two daughters were sharing a single-room basement in an extended family member’s house. They were grateful to have a place to live where they could save up money, but the cramped living space in a shared house was challenging during quarantine.

Now proud Habitat homeowners of a 2-bedroom condo, Samantha and Darren know that their family’s future looks bright.

“Our daughters know they have a beautiful home that mom and dad worked very hard for. We are very proud,” Samantha shares.

Our first year has been amazing and we hope to have many more fulfilling years to come. We’ve been able to celebrate birthdays, our daughter’s first day of kindergarten, job promotions, and great blessings to come. And this will be our first year hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas!

“We have a place to rest our heads, food in the fridge, and a place to call ours. We have been financially secure… homeownership has made that a reality.”