Summer Interns Bring Hard Work and Fun to the ReStores

On summer afternoons at the Habitat ReStores in Metro Denver, you could find summer interns steering dollys to transport furniture, picking up paint rollers to redo a staff break room, sorting through donations, talking to customers, and so much more.  

These teens became a key part of the ReStore team.  

This year’s summer interns have been a joy to work with,” said Samantha Sankey, manager of the Aurora ReStore. “Their positive attitudes, creative mindsets, and willingness to learn has provided priceless support to the ReStore during the busy summer months.” 

The Habitat Metro Denver ReStore Summer Internship is an opportunity for high school students to gain valuable skills, learn about affordable housing issues, and make a difference by serving in a Habitat Metro Denver ReStore one shift a week over the course of the summer.  

“It’s not like every other internship, it’s a different kind of experience,” said intern Nadhi, who volunteered her time at the Aurora ReStore, saying that this year’s interns worked hard and had a lot of fun in the process.

 “If you want to improve your people skills and meet a variety of people, you should do this internship!” The ReStore Summer Internship is also an opportunity for students to gain skills that they can put on their resume or build on in the future. The interns interact with customers, learn about inventory, and see business operations from behind the scenes.   

“I would recommend this internship to others because it helps build a foundation for your future,” said ReStore intern Keren. “I’ve never worked a job before, and the internship helped me work with people better. I learned to work with a team to build furniture.” 

“The internship offers real world experience because you learn how to work in a store and how to handle people,” said Claire, another ReStore intern. 

All interns completed community service hours through their work and felt the satisfaction of knowing that their work impacts Habitat’s mission. Intern Nadhi had such a good experience that she is starting a Habitat for Humanity campus chapter at her high school this fall.  

“One customer told me that he is grateful for our generation for helping out around the community.” Nadhi said. “It was a great feeling.”  

By supporting the operations of the store, interns help support sales and great customer experiences, ultimately helping the ReStores make more funding to support Habitat’s affordable homeownership programs in the community. 

“Working side by side with the summer interns provides applicable life skills to students now and supporters of the Habitat mission in the future,” Sankey said. 

Do you know a teen who wants to make a difference with Habitat? Share and bookmark this page for all the details about the Restore summer internship program. Students must be 14 years of age or older before the program begins and attend an informal virtual group interview. Signups will be sent out in early May, 2024.