Melissa’s Story

“I can’t wait to start college! I feel prepared for my future
 because I was raised in a safe and stable home.”

 Melissa was only 10 months old when her family moved into their Habitat for Humanity home in Denver. Now 18 years later, Melissa knows that her home provided a strong foundation for her and her siblings to thrive – especially in school. “Growing up in my Habitat home all my life made me not have to worry about changing schools or making new friends which allowed me to focus on school.”

Melissa recently graduated from high school with honors, and is excited to continue her education at Metro State University this fall.

“While I was growing up my parents instilled in me the importance of education and that college was always a must.” Melissa continues, “I hope to be an inspiration for my younger brothers and show them that with hard work they can do anything, and earning an education is the first step.”

Melissa’s parents used to struggle to afford housing in Denver, but they were determined to work hard and find a way to raise their family in a safe and stable home. When they partnered with Habitat for Humanity to purchase their first home, it created a ripple effect that has allowed them to continue their own education, start new careers in fields they love, and inspire their children to do the same.

“My parents have always helped and supported me in everything I do,” Melissa shares. “They taught me how to be humble and to always help others. Because of that, I want to have a career that allows me to help and care for people.”

Once Melissa earns her bachelor’s degree in Biology / Pre-med, she plans to attend medical school to focus on Neurosurgery.

Read about Melissa’s mom’s educational journey since becoming a Habitat homeowner in 2002.

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Did you know?

2/3 of Habitat homeowners say that their children are doing better in school since they moved into their Habitat home.