Meet Rene, Future Habitat Homeowner

Rene is a Denver native who loves Colorado, but employment opportunities made her decide to move out of state a few years ago. In March 2020, Rene felt like the universe was pulling her back to Colorado.

She was traveling for work every other week to Denver and ended up getting stuck here when everything shut down in mid-March due to the pandemic. When a mutual friend’s apartment lease also became available, Rene jumped on the opportunity to relocate from Las Vegas to Denver. By the end of March, she and her two teenage sons were officially back in their home state.

Rene invests long hours as a remote supervisor of 14 employees for a health care supply company. When she started this job three years ago, she began working on her credit score and saving up to buy a home for herself and her two teenage sons.

“I was reaching a point in life where I wanted more stability and a future for my boys,” shares Rene. “I want to become more settled and be a homeowner.”

Rene likes the Belmar neighborhood where she currently lives, but is unnerved by some of the crime and break-ins happening in the apartment complex. Rene’s own bike was stolen off her balcony this summer, and she’s growing increasingly tired of not being able to make her apartment feel like “home.”

“This year, having a home is more important than ever,” she shares. “Especially because of quarantine life… our new normal. We just can’t be without a good home knowing we might need to quarantine at any given point for weeks.

Rene and her youngest son recently drove past their future home at Habitat’s Aria Homes community and are excited about their “cool” new neighborhood. Rene has also received an outpouring of support from friends, family, and colleagues who have already asked when they can volunteer alongside Rene to help build her future home.

“Stability is what we need,” Rene exclaims. “My sons and I have had to bounce around and move for too many years, and we’re just done. We need to be planted somewhere.

“I believe we were meant to be back here in Denver. I’m so appreciative of Habitat and the entire program.”

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About Supporting Sponsor Wells Fargo

Habitat Metro Denver is one of more than 220 Habitat affiliates awarded a grant from Wells Fargo as part of its nationwide initiative to help low-to-moderate income families construct and improve homes across the country. The grant is part of a $7.75 million donation Wells Fargo is making to Habitat International through Wells Fargo Builds, an initiative that provides philanthropic financial support and volunteerism to create sustainable affordable housing.