Lisa & Francisco’s Story

Lisa and Francisco worried every time their children stepped outside their door.


A few years ago, with bullets lodged in the front porch of their apartment from the most recent shooting, Lisa and Francisco worried every time their children stepped outside their door.

“Our neighbors are always fighting, drinking and smoking weed,” Lisa, now a Habitat homeowner, shared back then.

“Our kids’ bikes were stolen the first day we lived here. They deserve to live in a place where they can be safe, have the freedom to play outside and just be kids.”

Lisa and Francisco wanted nothing more than to raise their children in a safe environment, but that seemed like an unreachable goal due to Denver’s high housing costs. Lisa had been excited five years earlier to find an affordable, rent-controlled, three-bedroom apartment for their family of eight.

The couple has always maintained a strong focus on hard work and responsibility, keeping chore charts and strict rules around the home, and ensuring their children excel in school. It’s that same focus that helped change Lisa and Francisco’s lives for the better when they partnered with Habitat Denver to buy and build the five-bedroom home their share in the Sheridan Square community.

“[Our oldest daughter] Katrina’s lived in apartments her entire life,” Lisa shared before moving. “She’ll have her own bedroom for the first time in her life.”

“Our Habitat home will bring a lot of peace to our household. Having more personal space and privacy will make a big difference.”

Lisa said she and Francisco are working hard to ensure a better future for their family. They teach their kids about the importance of building credit, and are demonstrating the value of a safe, stable home where kids can grow into their full potential.

“Whatever our kids dreams are, I want them to go for it 100%. We want our kids to be independent and self-sufficient,” she said. “This literally is our dream come true!”