Judith & Omar

There’s nothing more important to Omar Lara and Judith Anaya than their family.


Watch Judith describe how a safe and decent home will make a big difference for their family.

There’s nothing more important to Omar Lara and Judith Anaya than their family. That’s why as the holidays quickly approach, they’re looking forward to giving their children the best gift of all… a safe and healthy home to grow up in.

Partnering with Habitat to build an affordable home this holiday season couldn’t have come at a better time since Omar and Judith’s need is urgent. They worry constantly about their apartment’s dangerous mold growth and second hand smoke endangering their children’s health.

“Our apartment is an old, beat up place,” shares Judith. “You can see everything deteriorating… part of the wall is cracked, the kitchen floor is uneven, and we have mold growing in the bathroom.”

Despite the poor conditions inside their apartment, Judith and Omar aren’t comfortable letting their kids play outside either.  “We’re the only residents who don’t smoke or drink in the complex. No one else has kids so there are cigarette butts everywhere, and loud music plays late into the night.”

Even worse, cigarette smoke from neighboring units seeps into Judith and Omar’s apartment, and they’re witnessing the negative effect it’s having on their kids.

“My 2-year old daughter has breathing problems living in this apartment. We’re lucky that our doctor is close since we’ve had to rush her there many times – especially right after she was born.”

Omar and Judith are so excited to be partnering with Habitat for Humanity to build a home that will be safe and healthy for their kids to grow up in.

“This is the start of our dream! We feel so lucky to get to work with people at Habitat who believe in us… people who are willing to help us succeed.”

Omar and Judith understand that building and buying their own home is going to take a lot of work, but they know it will all be worth it once they have stability, and a brighter future for their family.

Please help Judith and Omar give their kids the gift of comfort, safety and stability… the gift of a healthy home.