Future Homeowners Gianna and Arthur

For this growing family, buying a new Habitat home just minutes away will allow them to keep their family ties strong.

Gianna and Arthur have called Denver’s Northside neighborhood home for most of their lives. “We have aunts and uncles, cousins and friends all close by,” said Gianna, gesturing to the streets around their current Northside home.

When the pair found out that they were approved to buy a new home through Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver – and that they would be moving less than 10 minutes away – it felt like it was meant to be. Their family and friends will remain close. Their kids will attend the same schools. And they will stay close to their roots. “We couldn’t believe it,” Arthur said. “The Northside is home, and we feel very fortunate to get to stay close.”

Gianna, Arthur, and their three kids will move to Aria Homes, Habitat Denver’s 28-home development in the northwest part of the city. They are renting their current duplex from a family member, but the house has aging fixtures and old windows that let in the elements year-round.

As they have put in their sweat equity hours, Gianna and Arthur have already felt welcomed by the Habitat community and future neighbors. It has given the Habitat homeownership process a personal feel – and a glimpse of the strong, stable community they hope to foster in the future.

Plus, Gianna’s mom lives just around the corner from their new home, and Gianna and her mom are already dreaming about the hours and meals they will share when the family is within walking distance.

“It’s the little things I look forward to,” Gianna said. “Trying out our new gas stove. Cooking for my mom. Hosting friends and family to watch football. Seeing my kids grow up with plenty of space, and their own bedrooms. We feel very, very blessed.”

“Stability for us and our kids. That’s what excites me most about owning our home,” Gianna said. “Knowing that this home will be our home for years to come. It will be ours.”


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