Future Homeowner Jesse

With both a new baby and a new home on the way, the future feels hopeful for Jesse’s family.

Jesse and his wife, Isabel, are good at welcoming others under their roof. The couple has been renting a house in Lakewood that is big enough for themselves as well as Isabel’s mom and two teenage sisters, who live with them. Plus, Jesse and Isabel are expecting a baby early next year. Their family is ready and excited to grow.

“I can’t wait for our new home to be truly ours,” Jesse said, describing how his current landlord has been slow to make repairs and replace important appliances. Jesse has often felt the urge to take care of projects on his own, but the limitations of being a renter have gotten in the way.

Because of Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver, Jesse and his family will be able to make their mark on their own place at Aria Homes, Habitat Denver’s 28-home development in the northwest part of the city. Jesse is a manager and driver for a restaurant and, after feeling initially discouraged by the price of homeownership, he saw a Habitat home listed on a real estate app. He diligently pooled the paperwork needed to apply, and was approved. “It felt too good to be true,” he said.

“I’m helping build new homes and also building great relationships. ”

After several weeks of putting in his sweat equity hours on Habitat construction sites, Jesse began to feel a strong connection with the Habitat Denver staff and core volunteers. He says that his volunteer days come with “a good sense of camaraderie.” The team asks about how his wife is doing. “They know our story, and they check in,” Jesse said. “It feels great. I’m building new homes and also building great relationships.”

Jesse and Isabel will welcome their new baby early next year, within weeks of moving in to their new home. “Next year is shaping up to be a good year for us,” he said.



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