From Intern to Staff Member: Dynasty’s ReStore Story

When Dynasty applied to work at the ReStores as an intern, she was simply curious about working in a non-traditional retail environment. By the time a spot opened up for a full time retail sales associate at the store, she couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.

Dynasty gives credit to her colleagues for the positive experience, “The staff are so nice, understanding and caring. It wasn’t just about work, they were invested in me, who I was and what I needed to succeed.”

One perk, according to Dynasty, is learning about home-improvement on-the-job. “Before working at the ReStores I did not know anything about home improvement. Now you should see my house! There are shelves on the walls (from the ReStore), and I have tools and hardware to make my home a better place for my daughters and me to live.”

A key part of her ReStore experience was working side-by-side with volunteers to help customers. “I really liked working with volunteers.  Seeing new faces every day with a new story of why they were volunteering,” says Dynasty. “I also love to see customers come in and find what they’re looking for at a bargain. It is exciting for them and for me. They can fix-up their homes without paying a fortune.”

Since the ReStore internship program began in 2012, 51 interns have worked at the Denver ReStores. Of these 51 interns in the past four years, 21 have been hired as staff. This program runs in partnership with Jefferson County and Denver Office of Economic Development to provide paid job training. As a community partner, the ReStores are proud to offer job training and opportunities in addition to affordable home improvement solutions.