Dorothy has always set the bar high for herself

Dorothy has always set the bar high for herself, and has a lot of “firsts” to be proud of because of her determination. She’s the first person in her family to graduate high school, a first-generation college student and graduate, and she’ll soon be the first member of her family to own a home.

She knows that these accomplishments are not only meaningful today, but are also setting a great example for her three sons. In fact, her oldest son is already following in her footsteps by attending Metro State University of Denver this year. As a Denver native who has experienced the negative effects of gentrification first hand, she’s proud to be able to achieve the dream of owning a “forever home” for herself and her sons.

“I’ve looked into becoming a homeowner before but never thought it could happen as a single parent, and also with Denver’s expensive housing costs.”

For the past five years, Dorothy and her younger sons (ages 9 and 10) have been living in a 2-bedroom apartment with subsidized rent. While Dorothy has appreciated the affordable rent payments, the income requirements have limited her ability to progress her career. Dorothy has had to make the hard decision to turn down pay raises because it would push her over the income limit for subsidized rent, and actually cost her more money out of pocket. She’s so excited to no longer need to hold her career back and believes the sky’s the limit when she becomes a Habitat homeowner this year.

Owning her own home couldn’t come at a better time; Dorothy and her sons were already feeling cramped in their apartment before COVID hit, and felt it even more when schools reverted to remote learning. But trying to work full time while helping her 4th and 5th graders with their studies at home has been challenging.

“Remote learning was really difficult,” Dorothy shares. “School used to be their place to go and be in separate classrooms. Now they have to do school work side-by-side and don’t get that separation.”

Dorothy knows that life is going to be different for her family once they move into their own home later this year.

“This is something I’m investing in for our future. It will be ours!” shares Dorothy. “It’s a different feeling when you’re putting money into something you’re proud of.”

Dorothy also knows that she’s setting a good example for her sons and hopes that they follow in her footsteps for both college and homeownership.

“If it’s possible for me, it opens up the possibilities for them. Thank you to everyone who is helping make homeownership a reality for us.”