Donna & Chris

My family will have stability and a safe neighborhood to live in


“My family will have stability and a safe neighborhood to live in.”

By partnering with Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver, Donna and Christopher invested over 200 hours each to help build their home, and purchased it with an affordable mortgage. This week, Donna and Christopher and their three children were able to move into their new dream home. They look forward to this next chapter in their life where they have a solid foundation for their future.

“We are really excited about having a place to call home and knowing we can save for our children’s future is amazing,” Donna says.

Donna and Christopher are proud parents of two sons (15 and 13) and one daughter (8). Originally from Manila, Philippines, Donna and Christopher made the life-changing decision to move their family to the United States and obtain citizenship.

“We wanted to give our children a stable life and better opportunities, and moving to America was the answer,” shares Donna.

The family is now celebrating more than three years as U.S. citizens.

Donna is a full-time para-educator for the Jefferson County Public School District while Christopher is a full-time maintenance technician at a local real estate company. The family of five felt stuck and unsafe in their previous overcrowded metro Denver apartment, where they faced with skyrocketing rental rates and crime.

“Our boys used to share a small room and there was not enough space for them to focus on their studies,” Christopher says.

Now that Donna and Christopher moved into their home their life is already changing for the better.

“My kids are excited about a brand-new home with a backyard,” Donna shares. “We are most excited about making this house our home, growing my dream garden, owning a pet, and make lasting memories.”

Thank you to all the supporters, volunteers and donors that make Habitat Metro Denver’s Homeownership Program possible for families like Donna and Christopher’s.