Dennis & Marlene’s Story: Aging-In-Place

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After a bad fall a few years ago, Dennis was worried that his wife was never going to be able to safely leave their house again.

“She was home-bound for months and months,” Dennis shared. “The last time we tried to get her outside, she collapsed on the stairs.”

Dennis was unable to lift Marlene to help her back inside. Thankfully, a neighbor was able to help Marlene get safely inside. That same neighbor then researched programs that could help Dennis and Marlene and found CAPABLE, Habitat’s aging-in-place program.

“I had no idea Habitat provided these other services, which for us were life-changing,” Dennis exclaimed.

Habitat’s CAPABLE program helps seniors safely age in place by providing home improvements and modifications. The program is in partnership with the Colorado Visiting Nurse Association, which also provides medical consultation through in-home visits.

“Habitat Metro Denver really wanted to help… they treated us with respect and dignity,” Dennis shared about his experience.

Habitat’s modifications included a wheelchair ramp on the front porch, a walk-in shower and tub, and grab bars in the bathroom. Marlene can now safely go up and down their ramp and enjoy the fresh air after being inside for over a year. She can also bathe in their new walk-in shower.

“Habitat’s goal was to make it so we could stay at home rather than having to go to a nursing facility or some other place,” Dennis shared. “Putting in the ramp, the showers, things like that–made it so we can stay at home.

“From my heart, I really appreciate it. Thank you!”‘

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