Della’s Home Repair Story

Della has lived in her home for 60 years – and can now continue living there safely for years to come.

“Habitat volunteers did everything my mom needed to continue living in her home by herself,” shares Della’s daughter Mary, who grew up in the home and supported her mom to apply for Habitat Metro Denver’s Community Aging in Place – Advancing Better Living for Elders (CAPABLE) program. 

Della’s husband died 13 years ago and Della hadn’t been able to afford to make safety repairs to her home in recent years. Della’s social worker told Mary about the CAPABLE program, a partnership between Habitat Metro Denver and the Colorado Visiting Nurse Association that provides medical support and home repairs to improve comfort and mobility for low-income homeowners. 

For the exterior repairs on Della’s home, Habitat volunteers built a new driveway and repaired a cracked portion of Della’s sidewalk so that she can walk safely to the car when Mary or friends pick her up for errands. Volunteers also installed new gutters and a handrail alongside Della’s front porch steps.

“It is so much safer for my mom to be in her home now,” Mary shares. 

When volunteers completed the repairs on Della’s home in August 2022, more than 30 friends gathered to celebrate, setting up tables and chairs on Della’s new driveway because the crowd overflowed from inside the house.

“She says the driveway really stands out,” Mary shares. “She says the neighbors had nice driveways and now she has a nice driveway too.” 

Habitat volunteers also conducted several interior repairs to make Della’s home more comfortable for her. Della has a second bathroom, laundry room and storage area in the basement of her home, so Habitat volunteers put in a handrail down the stairs and a grab bar in the basement bathroom. Volunteers also replaced the locks throughout Della’s home – including on the patio doors, the garage, Della’s bedroom, and on the front door. 

To help Della feel safe, they also added new outdoor motion-sensing lights on both sides of the house and added bright lights to the front porch and the patio. 

“The lights come on when it is dark, so she can see if anyone is out there,’’ Mary shares. “She’s so happy that it is done and that it is quality work so she can continue to stay in her house. It is truly a blessing.”