Ahmed & Rusul

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Ahmed and Rusul moved to Denver with dreams of building a strong and stable life for their family.  Currently, both Ahmed and Rusul are full-time students with part-time jobs, all while raising a 5-year old daughter and 3-year old son.

“Our apartment is small, and rent in Denver keeps going up.  We’re both students… it’s hard for us to afford decent housing.”  Their family of four is currently living in a cramped 2-bedroom apartment that’s in disrepair with mold growing in the bathroom and faulty locks on the doors.  Even worse, “outside of our building is really dangerous to let our kids play,” shares Ahmed.  With rent rising every year, and their kids needing more space to play and be active, Ahmed and Rusul started looking for solutions for a decent and affordable place to raise their family – and found that solution with Habitat

“The person in our family most excited about our Habitat home is our daughter,” share Ahmed and Rusul. “She’s excited for her own bedroom and to go to a new school.”

With an elementary school right across the street from their new home, Ahmed and Rusul know that this will be the foundation that will allow their entire family to thrive.

“When you have a good home, it feels like the first step to success.”

“We really appreciate Habitat for Humanity… because you’re making our dream come true.”