John and Rachael’s Home Repair Story

John and Rachael have lived in their Globeville home for over 47 years. In 2013, when Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver hosted the annual Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project, it selected the couple’s home among 14 others to renovate through its Home Repair Program. Habitat volunteers fixed the home’s chimney, replaced the windows and siding, installed new doors, repaired the roof and built a set of stairs.

Seven years later, the Moyers still can’t believe the difference these critical home repairs have made. “After partnering with Habitat, we virtually got a brand-new home,” shares John.

John, a retired draftsman, and Rachael, a former stay-at-home mom who grew up in Globeville, met when he was stationed at Lowry Air Force Base in 1965. After getting married, the Moyers bought the home right behind the one in which Rachael and her nine siblings lived. The couple raised their two now-adult daughters in their home and don’t have plans of leaving anytime soon.

“The repairs have allowed us to stay in our wonderful home and helped us financially with the additional renovations we were able to complete,” John says. Since their home repair, John and Rachael have been able to heat their house properly, thanks to the new siding and windows. They also were able to install solar panels on the roof to decrease their electric bill.

Rachael shares to all the volunteers, donors and supporters of the Habitat Home Repair Program, “Thank you so much for all the hard work. Thank you with my whole heart for the lasting impact you have made. I can never thank you enough for helping us preserve our forever home!”