Home Repair Partnership with Berta and Juan’s Family

16-years ago, Berta and Juan bought their house in Elyria Swansea with dreams of starting a family. They’ve shared many great memories over the years, especially welcoming five daughters into their home – ranging from 1 to 14 years old.  Juan and Berta both want to provide a safe and stable life for their young daughters, and work hard to make ends meet.  Juan puts in long hours at a transportation construction job to provide financially for their family. Berta works hard to raise their five girls by managing their home. The family enjoys the stability of living in their own home… even if it hasn’t been perfect over the years.

“The house was very ugly and the windows did not open,” Berta shares about their home, prior to partnering with Habitat.  “There would be ice on the inside of the windows it was so cold. And in the summer, we couldn’t open the windows and let the breeze in. It was so hot. Our front door didn’t close which was not safe. When we would step down on the porch steps they would break apart, which was very dangerous for the kids.” 

The Difference after Habitat’s Home Repair Program
Berta and Juan partnered with Habitat for Humanity to replace their home’s windows, exterior doors and storm doors, build new deck stairs and a railing, install new siding, and put a fresh coat of paint on the house. These repairs made a big difference in the quality of life and safety for Berta and her girls.

“Life is much easier,” describes Berta. “We can actually open, close, and lock our doors now.”
The repairs also improved their comfort inside the home and quality of sleep – which is so important.

“It’s easier to get up in the morning because it’s not so hot at night,” adds Berta’s 12-year old daughter. “Also, the new doors keep us safe. And the house looks good painted!”

A Real Partnership
During the home repair project, Berta became known for making fresh-squeezed fruit juice for all the staff and volunteers. “It’s fantastic having the Habitat workers here,” notes Berta, “They’re so kind.”

When conducting outreach for Habitat’s Home Repair Program, Berta’s daughters guided Habitat Staff through the neighborhood to make introductions. “It’s so much easier to talk with families when you have Berta’s girls introducing you to their neighborhood friends and family,” explained Rhea Oberst, Habitat Metro Denver’s Family Selection Specialist.

Our staff and volunteers thank Berta, Juan, and their daughters for their partnership with Habitat. And Berta and her girls thank all the volunteers and donors for their support as well.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for people who can’t make big home repairs on their own. God bless the people who made this possible – and to those who keep making it possible to help more people repair their homes.” – Berta

Help other families like Berta and Juan’s have safety and stability in their home and support the Home Repair Program.