“When I retired I thought I better do something active and worthwhile.”

Ed Swibas is a Regular volunteer on the Habitat Denver construction team. He’s been a part of the blue hard hat club (aka Regulars) for 5 years.  After retiring from a desk job, Ed decided he wanted to give back to his community in an active way. He recalls that at the time, he was in the midst of some home improvement projects of his own and wanted to share his skills. 

With a laugh Ed remarks, “I actually found that I learned more than I contribute. Every day on site I learn something new.”

Ed readily acknowledges the benefits of volunteering on site regularly – from being active to being a part of the Habitat community. 

“I keep coming out because of the camaraderie. The Regulars, AmeriCorps, and supervisors – it’s just a great community to work with. You know you’re being appreciated and welcomed here.”

As a bonus, the activity of the construction site helps him too. “I worked behind a desk and had back problems. Now that I’m doing this, I don’t have back problems anymore – believe it or not!”

For Ed, one of the most meaningful parts of regularly volunteering is attending the home dedication ceremonies. “I go to the dedications when I can, and that’s where it really brings it all home what it’s all about. You see the families who will live in this house, the smiles on their faces… that makes it all worthwhile, for sure.”

If you’re thinking about joining the Regular Volunteers team, Ed has some advice:

“Come out once or twice to see if you like it. There are so many different jobs to do that you’re sure to find something you really like. Then you’ll become a part of the community.”