Rebuilding with the ReStores

There’s a story behind every nook and cranny of Phil and Kaye’s beautiful house. That’s because they spent years meticulously planning every detail and building their home after their original house was destroyed in 2004. With the exception of just a few pieces of furniture, they lost everything in a matter of minutes to a flash flood that filled their house up to the ceiling with rushing water.
As a recent retiree who had dedicated 30 years of his life to teaching shop class, Phil knew his experience was going to be put to the test as he set out to rebuild a home for his family.

Even before they had permits to start rebuilding, Phil was frequenting our Denver Restore to see what materials he could find. “I was probably one of the first ReStore customers when the first store opened up in Denver,” Phil recalls. “I still go there every week.”
Phil couldn’t believe his luck when he saw a large set of new, double-paned windows being delivered to the ReStore. Before they were even taken out of the boxes, Phil was calling Kaye to get her approval on the purchase.

“It all started with the windows… we built our house around the windows we found at the ReStore.”

Kaye and Phil invested in the windows, with the largest ones averaging $200. When they went to the manufacturer to purchase a few additional matching windows, they were shocked to learn that they cost $2,000 each. “We can’t even guess how much money we saved by shopping at the ReStores,” Phil shares. “It’s incredible.”

From their kitchen cabinets and countertops, to their moulding and bathroom tile, Kaye and Phil rebuilt their home with countless materials from the ReStores. “There’s something from the ReStores in every room of our house.” Kaye shares. Phil felt like it was serendipitous, “If I needed something, I would go to the Restore and that item would always be there.”

We’re proud to be a special part of Phil and Kaye’s homebuilding story and are so grateful that they shopped at the ReStores as they rebuilt their home.


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