In My Father’s Footsteps

Living through a pandemic this past year has put a fine point on what’s critically important in our lives—good health, a loving family, great friends, steady work, and a safe and decent home.

Dylan Shaffer is blessed with all of these things, and he believes much of his success and generosity of spirit can be tied back to his parents, especially his dad, Steve.

“I’m one of the lucky few men who aspires to be just like their fathers when they grow up,” shared Dylan. “My dad is an amazing business leader and father, but even more than that, he has been an incredible role model for me about how I want to live my life and the importance of giving back.”

Dylan’s dad Steve first swung a hammer with Habitat Metro Denver in 2008. He was immediately hooked, and quickly became very involved across the organization. As the founder & CEO of Zunesis, Steve brought his company on board as a financial sponsor, he personally joined the board, and he even launched a special event called the Night of Miracles, to help raise money for Habitat.

Dylan shared, “Because so much of that event came from my father’s efforts and heart, I loved seeing so many people come together around a common and beautiful purpose.”

Steve and Dylan also bonded over the impact that homeownership can have on a family’s life. They knew they were blessed and wanted to share their blessings with others.

“I want my investments to really make a difference, and Habitat provides the most elusive benefit for so many struggling families—stability,” Steve shares. “In the end, the Habitat mission is so meaningful to me because it truly changes the lives of hardworking people in our community.”

Dylan adds, “Another important reason why Habitat’s mission is so meaningful to our family is our faith. As followers of Christ, we have been called to take the blessings God has given us and bless others.”

Dylan has followed in his father’s footsteps as an entrepreneur by founding his own company with a friend called D&D Remodeling. Part of their business philosophy is to also give back to their community, including Habitat for Humanity.

“If it weren’t for my dad, I probably would not understand Habitat’s mission or effectiveness nearly as well,” Dylan shares. “I can’t think of many other role models in my life who have built their businesses and careers around giving back. I look up to my dad and can only hope to leave a similar legacy.”

When asked to reflect on their most meaningful shared experiences with Habitat, Steve and Dylan fondly remember quite a few.

“Getting to know Habitat families has been a great joy for me. I love to hear their stories and their dreams and goals for their lives and children,” says Steve.

At Habitat for Humanity, we’re so grateful for the generous support Steve, Dylan and their entire family has invested in our organization over the years. Their donations of time, talent and treasures have made a big difference for current and future generations. Happy Father’s Day!