“Owning our home has dramatically changed our lives”

As a young family of five, Tanya and Danny had big dreams for their children and wanted to provide them with a safe and stable place to grow up.  Despite putting in lots of hard work, they couldn’t afford to buy a home and relied on Section 8 housing that left them feeling vulnerable. “We felt uneasy about the possibility of budget cuts that would leave us homeless,” shared Tanya. “We wanted to do better for our children, but didn’t know how to bridge the gap from Section 8 to homeownership.”  Then they learned about Habitat for Humanity and everything changed.

“Owning our home has dramatically changed our lives,” exclaims Tanya. They noticed an immediate impact on their kids, who were ages 4, 6 and 8 when they first moved in. “Our kids are so much happier and healthier. They don’t get sick like they used to in our other house, and they’re doing better in school.”

Since moving into their Habitat home many years ago, Tanya and Danny have continued to invest sweat equity into their house. “We built a nice deck in the backyard, and I’ve developed a love for gardening.”

Tanya recently reached out to Habitat to share some exciting news… “I’m proud to inform you that we paid our last mortgage payment 7 months early and now completely own our home!  It’s been a long, hard journey, but here we are – we made it!”

“We have raised three beautiful children to adulthood in this home, and everyone gathers together here as a family,” shares Tanya. “This is the foundation of my family that love, dedication and hard work has built. Thank you so much!”