Nicole’s Habitat Story

“This home means the world to me and knowing that my children and I will have a forever home to make lifetime memories in is incredible.”

Nicole had been dreaming of becoming a homeowner for years. But with Denver’s rising housing costs she struggled to find even a decent and affordable place to rent. Nicole works full-time as a Pharmacy Technician while raising her three children.

Nicole and her kids spent years searching for the right place to live – but that resulted in frequent moves and a lack of permanence in their lives. Currently, Nicole and her children are all sharing a one-bedroom apartment after having to move out of their old residence due to increased rent.

By partnering with Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver, Nicole has purchased a newly renovated condo in Aurora. Habitat’s renovated properties are available to purchase for individuals and families who qualify for our homeownership program.

“I cried tears of joy after I got the call that we were approved for the property we chose. This whole experience has been so beautiful,” shares Nicole.

Not only will Nicole have an affordable mortgage, she will complete 200 hours of sweat equity and homeownership classes.

“Through the homeownership classes I learned how to be more aware of my financial habits and I plan to always have a savings and be prepared for anything that happens as a homeowner.” Nicole continues, “I’ve met so many amazing people while doing my sweat equity hours from other partner families to people who just volunteer on their free time to the employees at the Restores, everyone represents Habitat so well.”

Not only is Nicole excited to move into her forever home, her children are as well. “One of the best moments of Motherhood for me was the day I got to take my kids to do the walkthrough at the property. When they ran up to the door the contractor said “Welcome to your new home!” It brought tears to my eyes. They ran around to every room and I could just hear the excitement in all of them.”

“It will feel amazing to have a home to call our own, our own space and to know that we don’t ever have to move again. Habitat has been a saving grace for my family.”

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