Meet Tanya and Her Family

In 2015, after 12 years of renting with no sign of homeownership in sight, Denver native Tanya and her two daughters were thrilled to move into an affordable, safe home. Tanya, who had been working the same job for 14 years, knew the value of dedication and stability, and wished to parallel that same stability in the lives of her daughters.

“I would like to have a place where my kids and I can call ‘home’,” Tanya said.

She and her father spent countless hours working to repair the family’s previous residence, but it always seemed like there was more work to be done. Simple chores like doing laundry or even washing dishes turned frustrating after water seeped out from the walls due to faulty plumbing. That house was also overwhelmingly cluttered, with storage from the landlord brimming out of all available spaces and eliminating any sense of a true “home.”

Even worse, Tanya’s daughters couldn’t play outside due to high crime rates in the neighborhood, creating an unhealthy environment for the family. All of these issues, along with increasing rent, made it impossible for the family to remain there.

Tanya learned about Habitat Metro Denver from a friend and became excited to partner with Habitat to finally make the dream of owning her own home an attainable reality.

“This is such a wonderful thing to have happened to us,” she shared.

Before moving in, Tanya frequently visited the future site of her home and eagerly anticipated living in a community where her daughters would be free to run and play outside. She became excited about the home’s close proximity to her work and her daughters’ schools, and even more so about testing her design talent by adorning the rooms with her own belongings and adding her unique style to the house.

Tanya has overwhelming gratitude for all the supporters who helped her build her new home, which now provides safety and stability for her family.

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