Meet Future Homeowners: Brandon & Chantay

Brandon and Chantay are Denver natives who know that their two children are learning important lessons as their parents build their future home in the Swansea area.

“They are learning to work hard for something you want to achieve,” shares Chantay. “They see us go to work on the house and they stay with grandma, but they ask what we are working on. They know we are building our first real home.”

Their quest for homeownership started three years ago when Brandon, Chantay, and their son, 9, and daughter, 7, were living in a one-bedroom apartment. They knew they had to move, but they couldn’t afford a house.

“The apartment had mice and ants,” shares Chantay. “When we turned on a fan, it caught fire. The landlord wanted to raise the rent, but he wouldn’t fix anything.”

Most recently, the family moved in with Chantay’s mother. Their daughter shares their bedroom and their son has a small room.

They first learned about Habitat for Humanity through an internet search a few years ago. They also talked with volunteers who were building homes near the Westwood area of Denver. They applied several times to the program, and were accepted this year after they improved their credit.

“We are back on track,” shares Brandon. Brandon drives a delivery truck and Chantay drives for Uber and delivers food.

“Every time we go to work on our house, we learn something new. I learned how to put up drywall.”

Their new four-bedroom home means each of their children will have their own bedroom for the first time.

“We have never lived together as a family in anything bigger than one bedroom,” shares Chantay. “That is so exciting.”

Brandon looks forward to building a privacy fence. He also looks forward to the new friends and new school his children will have.

“I will be a first-generation homeowner,” Brandon shares. “When we move in, everything will change dramatically. We will be happier. Our son will be happier. Our daughter will be happier. Our son is already asking about a gaming room.”

“We are finally going to pay for something every month that will mean something in the long run,”shares Chantay.

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