Meet a New Partner Family: Mohammad and Yamna

Mohammad and Yamna are worried about their son’s health in their current rental.  Their 2-year old is exposed to secondhand smoke that wafts into their apartment from the adjacent units.  Even worse, he seems to have an issue being near the carpet that covers most of their apartment, leaving the kitchen floor as the only place he can comfortably sit and play.  With another baby on the way, Mohammad and Yamna are determined to build a healthier, more stable home for their young family to grow up in.

Mohammad and Yamna are already hard at work putting in their sweat equity hours to help build their new Habitat home this year.  When asked what they’re most looking forward to, they can’t wait for the stability and safety their new home will bring  “We’re looking forward to raising our kids in a safe place and spending more quality time together as a family.”

Mohammad and Yamna know that owning their own home will make a life-long difference in their kids’ lives.  They can’t wait to “watch our kids grow up, go to school and make it to college.”  The family is also looking forward to having more space to live and grow.  With the three of them currently sharing one cramped bedroom, having more bedrooms and more living space will make a huge difference.

“To own our own home is a dream for our family!”

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