Ian’s AmeriCorps Story

“During this past quarter, I helped to complete and dedicate a four-unit building and then start the final building of the Sable Ridge community – a place that will provide a total of 51 units of affordable, two-story townhomes to a diverse group of homeowners.

It is humbling to think of the years of work and hundreds of individuals who have contributed to the building of Sable Ridge before I was ever in the program. As we work up on the second stories, enjoying the view of downtown Denver and the Front Range, we also have a view of the rest of the Sable Ridge community and the completed homes that partner families already enjoy.

The current unit that I am working on is across from the building I helped to dedicate in April. As we work on the final building of the community, I often find myself looking across the way to that building to remind myself of the significance and importance of Habitat’s work.

One-by-one the partner families move into their new homes and populate their backyards items that show a family’s pride for their home: potted plants, vibrantly patterned curtains, children’s bikes, and trash cans placed neatly by the curb for collection.

During the heat of summer in Colorado, it is encouraging to look over to the completed buildings and be reminded daily of why we do what we do and just how important it is. We can feel how close we are to completing a community that will be enjoyed for generations to come.”

~Ian C. AmeriCorps Construction Crew Leader