“I sleep a lot better now.” Delia’s Home Repair Story

Delia is a mother of five, grandmother of eleven, and great-grandmother to sixteen – and hosts her family over for every holiday, birthday and special occasion.  “I’m happy to know this house is mine,” says Delia about the place she’s called home for 27 years. “Sometimes it’s hard, but I’m happy with it.”

Delia purchased her duplex in Elyria-Swansea after her kids grew up and moved out of their rented home in east Denver. She worked hard over the years to provide for her family. Her career path ranged from working at a paper company to a realty firm and now she relies on Social Security in retirement.

Delia is acutely aware of every increase in property tax and each unexpected repair, living on a fixed income. “I struggle sometimes with keeping up with things. It’s really hard. My kids offer to help, but they have families of their own, and it’s best for me to take care of things on my own.”

When a massive hailstorm hit the spring of 2017, Delia’s insurance company denied coverage to fix her roof and warned it could collapse at any moment.

“I was so worried about the roof and couldn’t sleep at night knowing that every time it rained or snowed it could collapse. I’d just be staring at the ceiling all night.”

Delia received several roofing estimates, but each one was further outside of her budget than the last. By partnering with Habitat, Delia can finally sleep peacefully knowing her new roof will hold and she can continue to live affordably and safely in her home.

“I sleep a lot better now,” Delia smiles. With a new roof already installed, Delia’s house is ready for Habitat staff and volunteers to complete additional repairs – including more efficient windows and a fence. Delia is looking forward to her warmer, more secure home after these repairs are complete:

“I’m excited about my windows now. The window in my bedroom frosts over really bad, so I put a towel at the bottom and then put shaving cream on the glass to keep it from frosting over. I won’t need those cans of shaving cream for my windows anymore.”

As a part of her partnership with Habitat, Delia has paid for a portion of the repairs and put in volunteer “sweat equity” at a neighborhood nonprofit, the Grow Haus. She looks forward to hosting volunteers too. “I welcome all the volunteers and anyone with Habitat to my house and yard, I look forward to it.”

“It’s a big thing, and it’s a relief to get these repairs done on the house,” says Delia. “When it’s all said and done, everyone is going to come over and celebrate.”

And to every volunteer and donor who help make Habitat Home Repair possible, Delia thanks you too. “I appreciate everyone at Habitat making these home repairs happen. Thank you so much.”