“I have a dream of owning a home.”


Future Habitat homeowners Dismas and Beatrice are working toward achieving their dream of homeownership with Habitat.

Dismas and Beatrice both work hard to provide for their three sons, ages 6, 11, and 12. Dismas works as an auto mechanic and Beatrice is going to school to earn an associate’s degree in early childhood education.  Before partnering with Habitat, homeownership seemed impossible due to high cost of rent in Denver’s expensive housing market.

Dismas, Beatrice and their sons currently live in an overcrowded apartment, where their three fast-growing sons all share a bedroom. They worry for the safety of their family as well since the crime rate around their apartment is high.

Dismas and Beatrice are excited to purchase a three-bedroom home with an affordable mortgage in partnership with Habitat. It’s not easy to incorporate 200 hours of ‘sweat equity’ into their schedules, on top of working full time and raising three boys, but Dismas and Beatrice are determined.

Dismas and Beatrice’s new home will provide their family with the space, security, and stability they need to build a brighter future.

“I’m excited, because now my kids are going to play outside,” notes Beatrice. “I’m glad we’ll be living in a safer place.”

“Just to say ‘This is our house!’ brings us so much happiness,” says Beatrice. “Thank you very much to everyone who donates and volunteers… thank you for helping us build our home!”