How Used Cars are Helping to Build Homes

No matter their age, condition, or mileage, we spend a lot of time with our cars. They carry what’s valuable to us, take us to big events, and witness our small, daily routines. 

So, saying goodbye to a beloved vehicle can be difficult. And in that transition, it can be comforting to know that your used vehicle is being used to create good in your community.  

That’s the exact purpose of Habitat Metro Denver’s “Cars for Homes” program, which accepts used vehicles of all kinds (cars, boats, RVs, and more!) and helps generate funding for Habitat’s affordable housing programs. The donation process is quick and easy, and it’s just one more way you can support our work. Plus, your donation may be tax deductible. 

Tap below to hear the experiences of families who gave their cars to support housing.  

“A classic Colorado car”

A story from Mindy, a "Cars for Homes" donor, and her family

We recently donated our 2011 Subaru Outback to Habitat for Humanity. The Outback was the first car my husband and I bought together as a married couple, and it took us on so many adventures! We took it on road trips to climb in Colorado, Utah and New Mexico; we drove through Yellowstone, the Tetons and Montana; it took us home to visit family in Iowa and Phoenix, AZ. And then, our biggest adventure, it brought our daughter home from the hospital. Then, it carried the BOB stroller, car seat and the dog to Wash Park for walks. It was a classic Colorado car.

Eventually, it had one too many repairs, and we decided to give it to Habitat for Humanity.

We knew we wanted to donate it, and believe in what Habitat does for families and communities.

– Mindy, Cars for Homes Donor

“The squeak mobile”

A story from Lisa, a "Cars for Homes" donor, and her family

Our 1999 Mazda Protege, or the “Squeak Mobile,” as it came to be known to our family and friends, was the first brand new car for both me and my husband. It was beautiful! My job was 50 miles away and I was in a carpool. I needed a good commuter car, and it fit the bill perfectly! 

Not only did it faithfully take both of us to work, year after year, mile after mile, but we took it everywhere. It was a tough little workhorse. 

All our friends and family have ridden in it at one time or another, pets included.  

We brought both our newborn babies home in it. 🙂 

The dents from their carseat straps were permanently embedded in the back seat. The boys are in high school now, so it’s been awhile since car seats…and yet, the dents remain! 

We drove it all over the Rocky Mountains and the midwest. My in-laws borrowed it once to get back home from Colorado when their car had engine trouble during their stay. We were all impressed that they made it to the Utah border from Denver on one tank of gas! 

We took our boys to school, martial arts, piano lessons, sleepovers—literally everywhere in that car. It’s been driven in just about every kind of weather.  

At some point, it developed a squeak. We had it checked, many times, but no one could ever quite pin down the cause. My husband embraced it, and claimed that under certain conditions, he could get it to make ”the perfect squeak,” lol! That became his goal whenever he drove it, much to our sons’ embarrassment. But, the boys always knew when we’d arrived to pick them up from wherever they were, because they could hear ”the squeaking.” 

It’s reliably served our family for 23 years. We assume it will be recycled (since it has some mechanical issues, the outside looks pretty rough, and it has high mileage). We’re glad it will continue to be useful in some capacity. 

Habitat for Humanity has been there for friends of mine, and has always had a great reputation.

We like the way Habitat brings people together, and helps with such a basic and profound need; shelter and home. We felt they would make the most out of this donation.  

Thank you for encouraging us to share our car’s story! We will miss it, but are glad it can be used to help those who need it. 


Lisa, Jim and boys 

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