Home Repair Susie

“No problem, Susie!” was a mantra that the 20-year Denver resident quickly became familiar with.

After being accepted into Habitat Metro Denver’s home repair program, Habitat staff began to tackle a holistic list of projects to update Susie’s southwest Denver home.

The Habitat team repaired the fence that had previously contained many holes and missing beams. They installed a new roof and gutters to ensure Susie’s home stayed dry and warm. They added new windows, doors, and skylights, all increasing security and adding insulation. They installed new railings leading up to her front door, making it easier for her – and visitors – to navigate the front steps. And finally, they gave the whole house a fresh coat of navy blue paint. 

With each request, and each check in, Susie would hear the comforting refrain from the Habitat team: “No problem, Susie!”

“Everyone was just so kind, and great to be around. And they made such a difference on my home,” Susie shared.

Susie grew up in the Harvey Park neighborhood of Denver, where she still lives today. She attended (then) Kunsmiller Middle School and Lincoln High School, just minutes from her current home. And she has spent most of her life in close proximity to her 14 siblings – nine sisters and five brothers. “We’ve always been close,” she said, adding that two of her sisters still live within a few blocks of her 

With such a long history in the neighborhood, Susie takes pride in knowing her neighbors, and keeping her home comfortable and cozy. She babysits her grandchildren in her open living room, and hosts family for holidays, birthdays, and celebrations. Her house has also been home to many animals over the years, and she currently has three dogs and one bird.

After her husband passed away a few years ago, Susie noticed the updates that her home needed, and also felt the limitations of being on one income.

Susie had volunteered with Habitat for Humanity in the past, and was familiar with the programs during her time as an employee at the department of housing and urban development. But she didn’t know that home repair was an option until a friend of her sister’s talked about the improvements her home received from Habitat Metro Denver’s home repair program.

Now, after her own home repair process is concluding, Susie is eager to share the program with others. “I tell people how helpful it is, and how affordable it is to work with Habitat,” she said. “After my husband passed away, I came out of retirement to go back to work. Because of Habitat, I could still keep my home nice.”

Habitat home repair staff installed new railings leading up to Susie’s front
door, making it easier for her – and visitors – to navigate the front steps. Habitat also added a new fence, windows, gutters, and a roof.