“Having our own home will help my family have a safe and stable place to live!”

Teagan is a hardworking single mom of two young daughters, ages 7 and 4. In addition to raising her girls, she works full time for a local landscaping materials supplier to provide for her family.

Affordability and safety are Teagan’s main concerns when it comes to finding a home for her family. “I am looking forward to having a home that I can afford to pay the mortgage, and not have my payments changed every year.”

In her current apartment, Teagan’s landlord has raised rent over 30% in the last three years. In addition to rising rents, the apartment windows do not fully lock and seal, risking her family’s safety and making it very cold in the winter.

By partnering with Habitat, Teagan will have affordable and consistent mortgage payments that will provide financial security. Teagan’s also looking forward to feeling safer with new windows in a newly-built home to give her peace of mind.

“My family will have our own home and not have to worry about our rent being raised,” Teagan shares. 

“My daughters will be able to play in our yard. The windows will be new and safe and secure. Having our own home will help my family have a safe and stable place to live!”

The additional benefits of owning their own home are not lost on Teagan and her daughters.

“My daughters are excited to have a brand new home with a backyard,” Teagan writes. “We are most excited about making this house our home, being able to decorate it, and make lasting memories.

Community partners and donors like you can help families like Teagan’s find safety and stability through affordable housing with a gift to Habitat.