Critical Home Repair Season Kicks Off — and Expands

We’re excited to kick off the biggest season our Critical Home Repair Program has ever experienced! This program has proven so successful that we’re expanding beyond Denver’s Globeville neighborhood into the Elyria and Swansea neighborhoods this year.  These two neighborhoods are adjacent to Globeville and show similar characteristics with community interest in working together to create change and improve the quality of housing for local residents.

Since Habitat launched Neighborhood Revitalization: Globeville in 2012, property values in that neighborhood have increased 77%, representing the highest increase in the entire city of Denver. Phrases like “family friendly community” and “easy access to downtown” are appearing in real estate listings.  Revitalization is well underway and Habitat Metro Denver is excited to continue investing resources to partner with these evolving communities. 

What do we have planned for the Critical Home Repair season? Habitat Denver plans to partner with thirty families this year in these three neighborhoods to repair homes and revitalize communities so that low-income families can safely continue living affordably in their homes.