Carmen’s Home Repair Story

Longtime homeowner gets a boost of hope through critical repairs 

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For over 35 years, Carmen’s home has been a cornerstone of her family’s history. It’s the place where she raised her four children and spent cherished moments with her grandchildren.  

Despite her tireless efforts and hard work throughout her life, Carmen now relies solely on social security for her income. Thankfully, three of her children live nearby in Denver and help her with medical appointments and upkeep around the house, such as painting and small repairs. However, Carmen’s home still needed more critical repairs, which is why her partnership with Habitat Metro Denver provided crucial support. 

Habitat Metro Denver staff and volunteers replaced the windows and two doors in Carmen’s home, ensuring it is energy-efficient and protected from the elements. The Habitat team also updated the siding, trim, gutters, and paint on the home and replaced fencing, providing Carmen and her family with added security and peace of mind. Their work transformed Carmen’s home and enhanced its energy efficiency.  

Carmen noted, “My home needed repairs, I get high energy bills, and my doors were not secure.” The repairs done by Habitat will allow Carmen to live in her home for years to come, providing security and emotional stability. 

Expressing her gratitude, Carmen said, “I feel very grateful. Habitat came like angels in my life.” She learned about Habitat’s Home Repair program from her son, who also benefited from Habitat’s assistance. The impact of the repairs is profound. “I never thought I would see my house pretty again,” she shared. Carmen loves spending time at home and plans to stay there for as long as she can.  

Habitat Metro Denver has restored Carmen’s hope, showing her and others that there are good people and organizations ready to support the community, especially elderly individuals with low and fixed incomes. Habitat’s work ensures Carmen, and so many others, can continue living in their homes with comfort, stability, and peace of mind.  

Carmen’s journey with Habitat Metro Denver is a testament to the power of community and the impact of compassion. Thanks to Habitat, she can look forward to many more years in the home she loves, surrounded by the memories she cherishes. Carmen’s story is a shining example of resilience and the incredible difference that community support can make.