Angela’s Home Repair Story

Angela is a proud homeowner of an house that she purchased in 1992.  Over the years she and her family have filled it with lots of love and memories.  Now 26 years later, the house has developed maintenance issues including structural decay, an unsafe deck, and doors that aren’t properly secure. Angela had struggled to find the money needed for these costly repairs, until she saw a flyer detailing Habitat’s Home Repair Program. She knew that by partnering with Habitat, she’d found her opportunity to finally fix her house!

“After the repairs were finished, I didn’t even recognize my own home. It was so beautiful.” Angela shares. “Sometimes when I walk home from work I will just stop in front of my home admiring it and taking in how blessed I am.”

Before these critical home repairs, the holiday seasons were not as lively for Angela. The old back doors did not insulate heat so her monthly bills were extremely high, and decorating the house was not an option due to safety concerns. Now that her home is safe and warm, Angela loves having family and friends over during the holiday season. “My cousin came over, he was standing in the living room and just stopped and looked at me. I panicked and asked him what was wrong and he just smiled and said, ‘oh my gosh it is actually warm in here.”

“With all the money I save on my heating bills, the holiday season is now less stressful and I can stay warm in my home.”

Today Angela is smiling and excited during this holiday season and has remained involved with Habitat as a Core Volunteer. She volunteers every week by reaching out to her community and neighbors and shares her home repair story.

“This truly is a life changing process and I am so thankful to the entire Habitat for Humanity family.”