Affordable Homeownership’s the Real Winner this Baseball Season

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Each time the Colorado Rockies score a homerun this season, Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver will receive $100, thanks to an exciting new partnership. Homie, a local real estate company and the official homerun sponsor of the Rockies, will donate up to $20,000 during this unique campaign. Like Habitat Metro Denver, Homie is dedicated to making homeownership easy, affordable and accessible for all, and this partnership is a great way to help more local families achieve dreams of owning homes across metro Denver.

“Homie’s vision is to live in a world in which it’s easy and possible for everyone to buy, sell, and own a home. Since entering the Denver market, we have helped many families buy and sell their homes, however, we recognized that there is a shortage of affordable housing inventory in the Denver area.” said Melissa Millan, general manager of Homie Colorado. “Habitat Metro Denver’s mission closely aligns with Homie’s, and we believe that this partnership is one small step towards making homeownership easy, affordable, and accessible for all.”

Homie already has supported Habitat Metro Denver this spring, when members of its team helped build homes in Habitat’s newest community, Aria Homes. That development will bring 28 affordable homes to a Denver neighborhood just north of the Highlands.

“As we continue our important work across metro Denver, what a wonderful opportunity to have a partner like Homie help us reach more hardworking families who might otherwise be unable to achieve homeownership. We are thrilled to be part of this fun campaign,” said Habitat Metro Denver CEO Heather Lafferty, adding, “Go, Rockies!”