A Roof over their Heads – Norberta and Serafin’s Story

“When it rained outside, it would also rain inside the house,” remarked Norberta about her home of 24 years. “We are so happy Habitat is helping us with our roof.”

Norberta’s family of six – husband, son, daughter-in-law, and two young granddaughters – all live in their home in the Elyria Swansea neighborhood. 24 years ago, Norberta and her husband Serafin purchased their home and raised their family there. “This is my home,” Norberta shares with pride when reflecting on their 24 years there.

Despite working full-time jobs, Norberta and Serafin could not afford to fix their roof when it started leaking years ago. Rain would leak through into one of the bedrooms and into the kitchen. They constantly worried about electrical problems and house fires since the water came in near light fixtures.  It became so bad that they eventually had to prepare their food in the dark.

Norberta and Serafin are partnering with Habitat Denver to repair the roof on their home as a part of Habitat’s Home Repair Program. This program assists homeowners in the Globeville and Elyria Swansea neighborhoods with major exterior repairs to their houses so they can continue to live in a safe and affordable home.

With a new roof over their heads, Norberta and her family are already enjoying life where the rain stays outside.  Major repairs in partnership with Habitat have allowed their family to once again feel safe in the home that they’ve known and loved for 24 years.

 “Thank you to everyone at Habitat – donors and everyone, you have helped us so much,” expresses Norberta.

Your donation can help more families like Norberta’s stay in their homes by supporting Habitat’s Home Repair Program.