40 Years of Impact: Mary’s Habitat Story

“This house is a blessing. The hard work I have put into becoming a homeowner has all been worth it for my children.”

Mary is a driven, hardworking, and determined mother who has always had her children’s futures at the center of her life. Fifteen years ago, Mary and her three children, who at the time were all under the age of eight, lived in an unsafe and unstable apartment. In their old neighborhood drugs and violence were very common. Mary felt stuck but knew she needed to make a change in order to find safety for her family. In 2004 Mary, her daughter Jasmine, and two sons Matthew and Jordan found hope and partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver to build and purchase their own home.

At the time Mary was working full-time and attending college while juggling all the demands of being a single parent. “I never thought at the time that I could become a homeowner.” Mary continues, “Now I always think about how blessed I am to have been able to go through the Homeownership Program and how it transformed my family’s lives.”

Since becoming a homeowner, Mary has been able to raise her children in a safe environment, create loving memories, and build a stable foundation for their family’s future. All three children have graduated high school and credit it to growing up in a safe and stable home for impacting their lives today.

Jasmine appreciates the hard work her mother put in to becoming a homeowner and the financial stability it has brought her family. “I am so proud of my mom for being an amazing single parent and giving us our home.” Jasmine continues, “This home means the world to my family and I, it will always be our rock.”

“I praise God for Habitat. They made it affordable for us to own a home,” Mary shares. “Because of the help they have provided us, I have been able to help my children succeed.”

Thank you to all of our donors, volunteers, and supporters for helping to make affordable homeownership possible for families like Mary’s.

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