You can shape Habitat’s future in Westwood

Habitat Metro Denver is expanding our Neighborhood Revitalization program into Westwood, and you can be an integral part in shaping our future efforts by helping us get to know the neighborhood and its residents!
This summer we are collecting on-the-ground information and need lots of eyes and ears. Here are two big ways you can get involved:

Become an Observation Volunteer in July
Walk around Westwood in groups of 2-3 and collect information on the conditions of individual housing units and public spaces like sidewalks and parks.

Sign up as a Survey Volunteer in August
Walk door-to-door in pairs and survey residents about their thoughts on the neighborhood.
Volunteers must be 18 years old, or 16-17 years old accompanied by a parent, and physically capable of walking for an extended period of time. Spanish speakers are highly desirable for surveying.

The goal of this initiative is to gain a better understanding of the Westwood community and its residents’ perceptions, which will allow Habitat to develop plans and address issues with residents and collaborating organizations.Snacks, water, and a Habitat t-shirt will be provided. Groups and individuals are welcome to participate!If you have questions or want additional details, please contact Reina Doyle at