Williams Ronnettia’s Story

Because of Habitat, I was able to put my kids through college.


Growing up, Ronnettia watched her mom struggle to make ends meet. As a single parent, her mom did her best to provide for their family by working multiple jobs in order to afford a decent place to live.  Years later, Ronnettia realized that her life was imitating her mom’s… and as a hardworking single mother of three kids, she faced an ongoing struggle to afford decent housing for her family.

Before partnering with Habitat for Humanity, Ronnettia and her children were squeezing into a 2-bedroom apartment.  They found themselves moving frequently, always in search of better, more affordable housing.

“The most important thing my kids needed was a foundation.”

When Ronnettia was selected to build and purchase her own home through Habitat for Humanity, she felt like “it was a dream come true.”

“It was so exciting to help build my own home and see all the love that was put into it,” shared Ronnettia. “I invested more than 513 hours of sweat equity because I didn’t want to miss a single day of my home being built.”

Ronnettia saw an immediate impact in her three kids when they moved into their new home.  Through their new stability at home, her kids’ grades all improved.  “Habitat is the reason why my kids were able to do well in school.”

“By watching me work hard to become a homeowner, my kids are encouraged to not give up on their own dreams. It gives them the willpower to do anything the put their minds to. Thank you Habitat!”