We’ve Repaired 200 Homes in Denver!

Arnold can’t stop smiling as he stands on his front porch marveling at the quick progress Habitat volunteers have made repairing his home.  From replacing doors and windows, to fixing the soffit on his back porch, this week of work will make a difference for many years to come for Arnold and his family. “I used to be able to feel the wind coming in from under my front door,” Arnold recalls. “We had big temperature changes and lost a lot of energy because of those old doors.”

Arnold has also spent years dealing with birds that continually build nests in roosting spots on his back porch. “I’ve been having to clean out at least three new bird’s nests each week,” Arnold laments. “You have no idea how much nicer it is now.”

“There would be no way, on my income, that I would be able to do this kind of work without going into debt,” shares Arnold.  As a low-income homeowner in Denver’s Westwood neighborhood, Arnold is not alone.  Since expanding our home repair program earlier this year, Arnold’s home repair project marks the 14th that Habitat has completed in Westwood… and our 200th home repair since launching the program in Globeville in 2012.  Hear directly about this program’s impact from Arnold in this CBS story that captured his home repair work in progress.

Arnold is so grateful for the opportunity to partner with Habitat. “Our major concern has been safety,” shares Arnold. “We have eight grandchildren and want to make sure they’re safe when they visit.  With Habitat we feel safe, and know that everything was done right.”